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  • What Does ‘Business Casual’ Really Mean?

Nailing the business casual look is something of an art form. A relaxed look is fine, but scruffy? Definitely not. Follow these simple steps to get it right, and arrive at work primed to deliver your best.
1. Start with the basics
Looking professional impacts how people perceive you – and how you feel about yourself. Feeling put together translates into an A-game mindset. Make tailored basics like a chino pant or chino skirt the foundation of your business casual look. Smart, contemporary and functional, they have a welcome touch of stretch at the waistband and can easily be styled up or down.

2. Prioritise practicality
The best workwear looks great while allowing you to kick professional goals. Which explains why floppy sleeves and baggy fits do not tick the business casual box. With its handy chest pocket and stay-sharp collar, NNT’s short sleeve shirt lands on the right side of formal. Made from recycled polyester yarn blended with cotton and elastane, it moves with you while you power through your day.

3. Be yourself
Business casual is your chance to express yourself. Statement accessories and on-trend colour choices offer an insight into your personality, a bonus if your role involves connecting with clients. A note of caution: less is more, so avoid jangling bracelets and embellished belts that may act as a distraction.

4. Read the room
Express yourself by all means, but always observe how others interpret the dress code. Every company has its own take on business casual. Note what others are wearing – especially leaders you admire – and tweak your look accordingly. Before you know it, you’ll be the one setting the tone for the rest.

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