Meet Laura, RN

Meet Laura, RN


By Mel K

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To be your best, you need to wear the best and NNT’s trustworthy reputation is built on the instinctive understanding of exactly what our customers require. Having dressed healthcare workers since 1962, we inherently understand your requirements and we are proud to be there every step of the way #becausewecare.

We sat down with Registered Nurse, Laura to understand why she chose a career in nursing and what it has been like to face COVID-19 on the front line.

NNT: Why did you choose a career in healthcare?

Laura: Being part of a team working towards a common goal is really satisfying. The industry allows for growth and further learning — there are so many different specialisations you can move into. Also, job security is very important, and there will always be a need for nurses.

NNT: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Laura: My job is to make a positive difference to the lives of patients and their families. Even during some of the more difficult days at work, I have still been able to make a clear impact.

NNT: What do you feel is the biggest challenge in your industry right now?

Laura: COVID-19 has been very challenging. I’m incredibly proud to be a nurse right now, and to see how our industry has mobilised to protect our communities is nothing short of inspiring.

NNT: How does wearing a uniform impact your daily work life?

Laura: Being easily identifiable to staff and patients is crucial and long shifts are physically taxing, so I need comfort and functionality. When you look good, you feel good which is always a great boost to your confidence. Most of all, I love wearing a uniform because I don’t have to think about what outfit to wear every day.

NNT: If you could design your own uniform, what would it look like?

Laura: There are so many different demographics in nursing and we all want to look good, so the design has to be comfortable and modern. No fuss to wear or wash is also essential. The NNT Scrubs I am wearing right now are perfect and I feel great in them.

Laura is wearing our new Black Nightingale V Neck Scrub Top

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