Meet NNT designer, Ann

Meet NNT designer, Ann


By Mel K

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We speak to NNT designer, Ann Morgan, who gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look into the NNT brand as a premium supplier to the health and wellbeing industry.

NNT: What is the process behind designing a new collection?
Ann: When designing a new collection we take time to listen to our clients and really understand the nature of their work, their brand and what the team members do in their day to day activities. For example the placement of a pocket can really enhance someone’s day, knowing they have somewhere to safely put a credit card or piece of jewellery. We look at trends for colour and silhouette and apply them to our designs, taking into account that our pieces need to have longevity and suit a lot of different people. The sourcing team has a global network of suppliers and we are always looking at technical innovations for fabrics which translate to extra comfort of functionality for the end wearer. All our new fabrics and garments are trialled by actual wearers in their work environment so we can make improvements or act on suggestions before we take something to market.

NNT: How do you cater for different body size and shapes?
Ann: NNT offers a very wide size range from a size 4 to 30 in womenswear on some items; and a 36 to 50 shirt size for men. On our suiting items we include features such as longer hems and extra wide back seam allowance in trousers for easy alterations; plus we have some clever waistband construction methods which can stretch half a size bigger, to accommodate for different body shapes.

NNT: How do you want the customer to feel when wearing an NNT Uniform?
We would like our customer to feel professional and confident wearing their uniform, so they can move comfortably and get their job done with style.

NNT: What steps is NNT taking towards sustainability?
Ann: In 2021, all NNT woven labels will be made from recycled polyester. Our swing tags will be made from recycled paper using soy based inks; plus we’re moving towards less components in our packaging (like the number of plastic clips in our folded shirts, for example). All of these small measures make a huge difference to reducing waste. We're committed to ethical sourcing and continue to work with excellent factories who are committed to using energy saving and resource efficient production methods.

NNT: How do you take into consideration the physical demands of health care workers
when designing their uniforms?
Ann: We hear from our clients it’s normal to take more than 10 thousand steps in a work day, plus it can be a very messy job. With this in mind, we design our scrubs to be easy to move in but also easy to take on and off for quick changes. We know that health workers need to be mindful of infection control so in general we keep our shirts and tops short sleeve and ensure they have an “action back” which allows for extra movement across the shoulders when stretching or reaching forwards. We also hear that health workers need multiple pockets because they need to carry lots of items with them, so there are various tops, pants and skirts with a pocket option to suit most people. The multi pocket cargo pant is a best seller for this reason, plus it features a roll up leg in different lengths to allow workers to shower patients, for example.

NNT: What is your favourite item in the range for health?
Ann: The athleisure-inspired women’s scrub pant is a favourite because the fabric feels soft and premium next to the skin, and the yoga style waistband is so stretchy and comfortable it’s easy to wear all day.


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