Scrubs on Show: Australian Healthcare Week Expo 2022

Scrubs on Show: Australian Healthcare Week Expo 2022


By Mel K

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The NNT team were proud to play a part in the 11th Australian Healthcare Week Expo in Sydney to showcase our industry-leading designs and meet the frontline workers who wear them.


More than 5,000 people attended the International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour for the recent 2022 Australian Healthcare Week Expo. Here, over 200 industry experts addressed the crowd across the two-day event, sharing exclusive insights and innovations with a highly engaged audience. With diverse topics ranging from nursing and patient experience to data analytics and cyber security, there were myriad learning opportunities for the healthcare professionals in attendance.

As the industry leader in healthcare uniforms, the NNT stand held pride of place within the Expo, offering attendees the opportunity to interact with our designs and meet some of the team that creates them. “It really gives us an opportunity to find out what people do and what their needs are,” explains NNT inhouse design expert, Ann Morgan, of the brand’s involvement. “All that information feeds back directly into the product we create.”

 The NNT team, dressed in a variety of scrubs and sector-specific designs, showcased our extensive product range, demonstrating the myriad thoughtful features and supreme comfort the styles provide. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular pieces across the Expo was our bestselling Next-Gen Antibacterial Curie Scrub Pant with its super-stretchy, wide waistband. If you’ve already tried it, you’ll understand why! The statement purple scrubs were also a hit with the crowd, thanks to their bright and feelgood vibe.

 The event provided an invaluable opportunity to gain feedback from frontline workers about what they really want from their workwear, and the design features that can make their day just that little bit easier. “The most important thing in our design process is the healthcare professional who is going to wear our product at the end of the day,” says Ann. “They’re the centre of our thinking…we want them to feel professional and confident when wearing their uniform”. This year’s Expo gave NNT the chance to ensure we’re continuing to over-deliver on this important mission.  

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