How to wear your face mask

How to wear your face mask


By Nikki Z

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So, you have done your research and you have picked a face mask to purchase. And rather then selecting a single-use, plain white face mask, you opted for the NNT 3-layer re-usable pack of 5. Great choice! 
Mask SetMost people would think, you just put it on and take it off with no real thought. However, for the mask to deliver optimum health benefits, there is a very specific way in which you should put it on, and take it off.


CATKB8-black-8-1CATKB8-black-9-1If you have any further question or health concerns, please contact your GP.

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For detailed instructions from DHHS please click here


Nikki Z
Nikki Z

Nikki Zarra is a Content & Communications Manager at Workwear Group. She has a love for all things fashion and style and loves mixing up her wardrobe with masculine pieces. On the weekends you will find her reading a book whilst sipping on an almond latte with her fur-baby Luna.

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