Challenge accepted: Nell

Challenge accepted: Nell


By Mel K

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“I’m a registered nurse and a professional AFLW player, and I’ve accepted NNT’s Dare to Wear challenge.”


Nell Morris-Dalton, a registered nurse, knows the importance of dressing for comfort and function: to stretch, bend, and have the freedom to move without restriction. She also knows the importance of being comfortable on the footy field, where she’s a professional AFLW player for Collingwood. She’s inviting us to get up close and personal with her during a training session.


"From being in the hospital with my grandparents, I got to see the caring side of nursing, and I wanted to get involved myself.”

Nell decided on a career in nursing hoping to be pushed and challenged. With no two days the same, she loves having the space to learn new skills and evolve in new and different areas of the healthcare system. With the ability to connect with people she normally wouldn’t, she’s able to learn and grow.





“In my NNT scrubs, I feel confident because they look good, I’m able to move around freely, and they’re breathable.”

When it comes to working on the floor as a nurse, Nell needs her scrubs to stretch and bend with her as she tends to her patients. Each day is different for a nurse, making it important to have comfortable, reliable scrubs.


"Football gives me good skills in leadership and communication to carry across into my nursing when I’m working on the floor with different colleagues each day.”

When she’s not working as a nurse, Nell skilfully transitions into a professional AFLW player and still manages to utilise traits that she’s picked up throughout her nursing career so far. The ability to remain calm and to communicate with her teammates, as well as valuable leadership skills and a strong sense of empathy, have been just a few qualities that she’s translated from the floor to the field.



“I’m passionate about gender equality and it motivates me in my role to set an example for younger girls and be a role model. Because if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

Nell’s passion for gender equality drives her in both her nursing career and her football career. She notes a lack of female role models in these areas for her growing up and strives to fill that space herself as an adult.


“My NNT scrubs have passed the Dare to Wear challenge with flying colours, and I can definitely see myself doing footy training in them.”

Nell successfully completed a football training session wearing her NNT scrubs and was surprised at the freedom they gave her to move on the field while still looking good. She found that not only do they keep up with her as she tends to her patients, but they also stood up to the test as she ran and kicked to victory.




Challenge accepted: we asked six healthcare workers to take their NNT Next-Gen Active scrubs for a spin after hours. High-energy hobbies from boxing to yoga and rock climbing to footy training put our sports-inspired styles through their paces and saw each style emerging with accolades for Best on Ground.  


And while we don’t really expect you to wear scrubs to your next workout, it’s great to know that NNT’s industry leading options have the athleticism to keep up the pace. From slim-fit and stretchy jogger style pants with the comfiest waistband around, to slip-on tops made to help you keep your cool, our scrubs are as versatile as they are practical. Just as there’s so much more to you than your job, there’s a lot more to our designs than you might expect.


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