Challenge accepted: Nell

“I’m a registered nurse and a professional AFLW player, and I’ve accepted NNT’s Dare to Wear challenge.”

Written by Mel K

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Features from the Frontline: Alex

Meet Alex. She grew up in Chile and pursued a path in linguistics and languages, but she always felt a gravitational pull towards a career in healthcare. Fast forward to the present, and Alex has established a successful career in nursing. Currently, she works in the acute medical ward after serving in the emergency department throughout the pandemic. In her challenging role, Alex embodies raw positive energy. 


Features from the Frontline: Ella

Meet Ella. Although she resisted the idea of pursuing a career in nursing, she eventually found that her calling lay in the healthcare field, just like her family of nurses. She started working in the emergency department and was inspired by the strength and knowledge of the healthcare professionals around her. Now, she is studying to become one of Australia’s top nurses and has never looked back.  


Features from the Frontline: Chris

Meet Chris; he has a deep understanding of human pathophysiology when it comes to the mind, body, and nutrition. As a registered Dietitian with years of experience in the field, he has successfully curated numerous holistic plans for his clients. These plans have helped a diverse range of individuals, from medal-winning Australian Olympians to children who require enteral feeding support


Features from the Frontline: Steph

Meet Steph, who was born into a lineage of registered nurses, but was determined not to follow the same path as her family. However, a turning point came when she worked for a community nursing organisation, which inspired her journey to become a registered nurse herself. Now, her life revolves around her nursing career as well as her family. She also pursues her passions as a fitness guru and a health and lifestyle content creator.


Features from the Frontline: Kaday

Meet Kaday. A year on from the pandemic, she truly understands the meaning of the phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup." As a mental health clinician facing challenges during and after the pandemic, she has recognised the importance of nurturing mental fitness for both her patients and herself. She takes the balance between social time and work seriously, understanding that being at her best helps her deliver optimal outcomes for her patients.