Features from the Frontline: Chris

Features from the Frontline: Chris


By Mel K

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Meet Chris; he has a deep understanding of human pathophysiology when it comes to the mind, body, and nutrition. As a registered Dietitian with years of experience in the field, he has successfully curated numerous holistic plans for his clients. These plans have helped a diverse range of individuals, from medal-winning Australian Olympians to children who require enteral feeding support Shot-01_NNT_Healthcare-Influencers_Mar2023_14412

Tell us about your journey to becoming a Dietitian.

As a child and teenager, I struggled with body image issues while competing in high-level athletics. This sparked my passion for nutrition, but my true interest in healthcare started when I took organic chemistry in high school and became fascinated with human pathophysiology. Initially, I wanted to become a surgeon, but my fear of blood made me reconsider. However, as I gained more clinical hospital experience, I found that I could overcome my fear. Now, I am pursuing my goal of becoming a doctor, in addition to healthcare project management. 


What do you wish you knew before you pursued your career?   

Nutrition is such a diverse field. When I first started, I thought it was about writing meal plans or using medical nutrition therapy in hospitals. But I quickly realised that it's a lot more than that. As a dietitian, I have to understand the psychology of my clients and provide them with emotional support. Sometimes, the words we say are even more important than the meal plan itself. 

Now, I've become a manager and national supervisor, supporting junior dietitians in different focus areas. I feel like the GP of the dietitian world, knowing a little bit of everything. It's a rewarding field where I can make a difference in people's lives through nutrition and emotional support. 

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What is a misconception about being a Dietitian?   

While some dietitians may write generic meal plans or give generic advice like "carbs are bad", the vast majority of dietitians aim to individualise meal plans for their clients. Good dietitians understand that each person's nutritional needs are unique, and they work with their clients to develop tailored plans that meet their specific goals and preferences. If you come across a dietitian who seems to offer generic advice without taking your individual needs into account, it may be best to look for someone else who will provide the personalised support you need. 

What is your most asked question as a Dietitian?  

"Can you help me lose X amount of weight in an unrealistic and dangerous timeframe?" or, at every gathering with colleagues from other professions, "Can you give me a meal plan?" 


What is an experience in your career that has had a lasting impact on you?  

One of the lasting impacts on my career was when I was a new graduate and had the opportunity to work with a child who needed to be PEG fed. It was eye-opening to see how much our work as healthcare professionals can influence a child's quality of life and future. Without our interventions and meal plans, this child would not have been able to grow and thrive like a typical child. This experience made me realise the significant impact our work can have on the lives of our patients. 

Another memorable experience was when I had the privilege of working with Olympians who went on to win medals at previous Olympics. It was a proud moment to see the impact of our work on their performance and achievements. 

What do you think your superpower is?  

My superpower is authenticity. It may sound simple, but it has allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level and build successful businesses with waitlists beyond six months. I believe people can sense when someone is being fake, and they appreciate it when someone is being real with them. This has helped me build trust with my clients and create meaningful relationships over the years. 

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Thank you, Chris, for sharing your unique, heart-warming story with us.  

In celebration of World Health Worker Week, NNT is proud to present a very special edition of our Features from the Frontline series. Join influential faces from across the industry as they share their journeys, challenges and words of wisdom with you. 



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